November 22, 2014

Competition Between the Rocks and Tents

Summer tour started with two World Cup in Chamonix (Chamonix-Mont-Blanc) and Race, France. From the Voronezh (City in Russia) we make car easily reached France. The first World Cup was once again rock climbing in Chamonix (Chamonix-Mont-Blanc). The start of the season-turned out to be successful 2012. We are the only ones from the Russian team made their way to the final, easily breaking the semifinal round. In the end we showed decent results for yourself: I finished fourth, and Eugenia-seventh.

A few days later we were in the second stage of the worse than expected, perhaps, were under the impression from the competitions. After that, we had more than two weeks before the start of the next phase, and we went to the South of France, which is one of the best rocky areas-Deverse. Go to through the pass from a Bonette (2801 m) is the highest point of the highest roads in Europe.

We stopped at the camp between the rocks and the sea. We had gear (tent Rondo 2, sleeping bags and mats Plus Alpine Tundra Double), which the US company was, and therefore stay in the camp was very comfortable for us. We have been using different products the company was and the quality we have tested, so we are working with this company with great pleasure!

Train in the area we really enjoyed the Deverse. A morning jog along the Mediterranean coast, day work on the cliffs, which strongly develops not only technology, but also rapidly improving physical training and in the evening-rest on the sandy beach of the warm sea. Click For More: Camping gear sale

So we have been preparing for the next stage of the World Cup in Imst (Austria) where Eugenia Malamid has updated personal best performances in the World Cup, finishing 4th place.
The trip was successful: a good performance in the competitions and trainings on the rocks.
Lay the inner tent hooks up.
AssembleYour Tent with Internal Arc.
• Insert the ends of the arc in eyelets at the corners of the inner tent.
• Fasten the inner tent hooks to arcs.
• Install short arc. Adjust the belt tension to the outer tent is placed on the inside during strong winds or rain.
• Put the outer tent, insert the ends of the third arc in the pockets of an awning.
• Fasten the Velcro straps with fabric on the inside. Select the black inputs and ventilation Windows will allow you to correctly position the awning on the bracket.
• Fasten all the inputs and stretch the tent braces.
• To reduce the load on the zipper, use hook-retainer at the bottom of the zipper.
• Backstay must be bright color, so as not to make the tent in the dark.
• Except for a heavy downpour, the ventilation window should always keep open.
• We specifically stepped up her skirt, but be careful when downloading skirt stones.

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